"Ordinary People,"
in which a medical student and an MFA candidate get caught up in murderous hijinks
forthcoming in It Came From Miskatonic University,
a Broken Eye Books anthology
(weird fiction / Lovecraftian)

"Bubbles and His Biped,"
in which a college girl and her pet cat journey across a violent post-apocalyptic landscape
in Fireside Quarterly, April 2019
also forthcoming in the online edition of Fireside, June 2019
(flash fiction)

Two Legs, Four Legs, Six Legs,”
in which an entomophobic teenager exterminates some supernatural decapods
in Cicada, Vol. 20 Num. 4, March 2018
(YA / science fiction)
After 20 years, Cicada sadly closed on August 31, 2018. The above link should still work, but if it does not, you can read an archived version of the story on the Wayback Machine.

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in which I explore my relationship with the Roman Catholic Church
Thoroughfare, Fall 2013
(linked sonnets)


Charlotte the Assassin,
set during the French Revolution, in which a necromancer falls in love with the assassin Charlotte Corday and resurrects her after her execution
(historical fantasy / in rewrites)