"Bubbles and His Biped,"
in which a college girl and her pet cat journey across a violent post-apocalyptic landscape
forthcoming in Fireside Magazine
(flash fiction)

"Ordinary People,"
in which a medical student and an MFA candidate get caught up in murderous hijinks
in It Came From Miskatonic University, a BrokenEyeBooks anthology
forthcoming Fall 2018
(weird fiction / Lovecraftian)

Two Legs, Four Legs, Six Legs,”
in which an entomophobic teen girl is forced into service as an exterminator
in Cicada Magazine, Vol. 20 Num. 4, March 2018
(YA / science fiction)


in which I explore my relationship with the Catholic Church
Thoroughfare, Fall 2013
(linked sonnets)


Charlotte the Assassin,
set during the French Revolution, in which a necromancer falls in love with the assassin Charlotte Corday and resurrects her after her execution
(historical fantasy / in rewrites)